Permit Requirements

In Somerset Township, as in most communities, permits are required for certain activities. Check the following list to determine if you will need a permit. Contact the Township Office for any additional information you might need.


A permit is required for any construction in Somerset Township. Permits are issued by PA Municipal Code Alliance, 318 Georgian Place, Somerset, PA 15501
Phone: (814) 444-6112
Fax: (814) 701-2785


You will need to have a permit for the construction of any new on-lot (septic) sewage systems or any changes or alterations to existing ones. A permit is needed to make a connection to any public sewer system.



Should you wish to occupy the right-of-way of a public road, a permit will be needed. This situation often occurs when utilities (water, sewer, electric, phone, etc.) need to be brought onto a building site.

Highway Occupancy Permit


If your building site is located in a zoned area, a permit is required. While Somerset Township does not have zoning throughout the Township, certain areas are regulated by the Somerset County Zoning Commission. If you need information on a zoning matter, contact the Commission directly at 443-1544.



Any display of fireworks in the Township requires that a permit be obtained.

Firework Permit