About Somerset Township

In Pennsylvania the Commonwealth is divided into several different types of municipalities, among them are counties, cities, boroughs, and townships. These municipalities are further classified according to population. Somerset Township is a Township of the Second Class. It is governed by the Board of Supervisors which is comprised of three members who are elected to staggered, six-year terms in at-large elections. The Board is vested with the executive and legislative power of the Township. Generally, the members also hold the title of Roadmaster, which places on them the responsibility for the maintenance of the Township's system of 126 miles of streets and roads. The Board also holds the power to make appointments to other offices and to create various boards, commissions and authorities.

All Township funds are annually examined by an elected Board of Auditors, consisting of three people. It is their responsibility to assure that all public funds are properly accounted for. Their annual report is published as a matter of public record.

Voters of the Township also elect a tax collector for a four-year term who collects real estate taxes.

The board also appoints a solicitor who advises regarding legal matters.

The Board meets at least once a month on the second Thursday at 6:30 PM in a meeting which is open to the public.

The Board of Supervisors may create special agencies, called municipal authorities. These agencies are usually charged with the responsibility of constructing and operating municipal utility systems such as water and sewer systems, although in some circumstances, they may also operate transportation systems such as bus lines, airports, hospitals, port facilities, etc. In 1970 the Somerset Township Board of Supervisors created the Somerset Township Municipal Authority with the intent to operate water and sewer systems in the Township. The Authority is governed by a five-member Board appointed by the Board of Supervisors to staggered, five-year terms. The Municipal Authority meets monthly in the Municipal Building on the second Thursday at a meeting open to the public. Currently, the Authority operates the Wells Creek Sewage Treatment System, the Listie Water System, the Friedens Water System, the Reading Mine Water System, the Lavansville Sewage Treatment System. For additional information visit www.stmawatersewer.com. The Somerset Correctional Institute Sewage Treatment System, and in cooperation with the Borough of Somerset, extensions of water and sewer lines in Somerset Township that connect to the Borough's facilities.